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Orthopaedics : Shoulder Surgery Department
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Orthopedic Doctors At Deccan Multispeciality Hardikar Hospital have a wealth of experience treating all bone-related ailments, from sports injuries, to fractures, to diseases such as arthritis and osteoporosis.Apart from being experts in performing simple to complex orthopaedic surgeries. Many shoulder problems can be treated successfully with anti-inflammatory medication and/or a physical therapy program. When medication and rehabilitation don’t relieve your symptoms, surgery may be recommended.

Deccan Multispeciality Hardikar Hospital

Some of the more common shoulder surgeries include:

• Rotator cuff tears
• Shoulder instability or dislocation
• Impingement syndrome
• Bursitis
• Tendonitis
• Frozen shoulder
• Acute injury
• Shoulder instability (dislocated shoulder)
• Shoulder arthritis
• Reverse total shoulder replacement
• Shoulder replacement
• Impingement surgery
• Torn labral repair
• Torn rotator cuff repair
• Arthroscopy

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